Ariana Facts:

Hair colour: Red Velvet

Ariana's Favorite Three TV shows: America’s Next Top Model, Life Series and Victorious

Ariana's Favorite Three Movies: 13 Going on 30, Jurassic Park, Benjamin Button

Ariana's Favorite Music: Imogen Heap, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey

Ariana's Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series

Ariana's Favorite Food: Strawberries and Sushi

Ariana's Favorite Car: Vintage Sports Car Convertibles

Ariana's Favorite Charity: Broadway in South Africa

Ariana's Favorite Word: Bubble

Ariana's Favorite Designer: Chanel

Ariana Will Kick Your Butt In: Wii Resort

Ariana's Unique Talent: Impersonations

Ariana's Guilty Pleasure: Pop Tarts

Ariana's Favorite Vice: Cracking her Back

Ariana's Favorite Shoe: Tan Patent Leather Pumps

Ariana's Favorite Day Outfit something Comfy and Trendy, i.e., off the shoulder striped comfy sweater with skinny jeans and pumps

Ariana's Favorite Vacation Place: Kruger National Park, South Africa

Ariana's Favorite Male Feature A beautifully chiseled intense jawline

Ariana's Favorite Guy Gift to Her: Sushi

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